Reactivating inquiring minds

Welcome colleagues from TAFE SA, both those on campus and those in zoom.

Today’s powerpoint in PDF format:

1.Enter one motivation/driver of how students embark on learning in your context at:


2. As a team, brainstorm ways to nurture one motivation/driver. State the context that you are considering too. Enter into ‘post a reply’ ( below):

-Context (year level and subject)

-State which facet

-Your motivator/driver adjective

-Brainstorm strategies to develop your motivator/driver.


Author: johnwillison

Senior Lecturer, School of Education, University of Adelaide. Director, Bachelor of Teaching (Middle) Acting Associate Head of Research

3 thoughts on “Reactivating inquiring minds”

  1. -Context (year level and subject) = Barista Course (Cert III)

    -State which facet = Analyse & Synthesise

    -Your motivator/driver adjective = Out create

    -Brainstorm strategies to develop your motivator/driver = Have students post pictures of their frothing art on social media. This helps motivate students by demonstrating work/art.


  2. 1) Set the scene with images and questions for students to unpack 2) Pose a problem to be researched or solved prior to commencing giving information.


  3. We considered the relationships between students – the group dynamic – is important in supporting the students ’embarking and clarifying’ on their journey, the more outgoing students can (a) support OR (b) dominate the more quiet ones.
    (We had team members from Early Childhood, and Oral Health)
    Alison Taylor, Cindy Moseley, Marian


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