Are your students Metacognitively ALERT?

A team of six Masters students completing a major project and myself just published an article called: Metacognitively ALERT in science.

It comprises two parts, a literature synthesis of a hierarchical framework, AMERT, for understanding metacognition, and preliminary evidence of its viability.

AMERT stands for:

self-Aware of cognition

self-Monitor cognition

self-Evaluate cognition

self-Regulate cognition

and the much sought-after, intentional

Transfer of cognition

The framework is a profoundly simple way to capture the complex phenomenon of metacognition.

We found that teachers had difficulties facilitating student cognition, and that researchers were tangled over many, complex definitions of the concept.

The framework needs a lot of testing of its viability and we present it as a way forward in understanding, researching and teaching metacognition so that student learning may be enhanced.

We suggested that, if students were ever to use the framework directly, that the M in self-Monitor may be replaced by L for self-Look to create the more memorable ALERT.