AARE Symposium: Developing research thinking for responsive teaching practice

The presentations in this symposium focused on the development of research thinking which enables innovative and discerning educator responses that are needed for rapid change to be effective change.

The Symposium presentations ares available here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17HK4iNtktUTRj8kg8SG6LiJEPPP4BQVg/view?usp=sharing

The powerpoints for each presentation are below.

The symposium comprised research on pre-service, in-service and university teachers that uses the same conceptual framework to engineer and report outcomes on approaches to Social Media use, Open Educational Practices (OEPs), Academic Development and teacher Action Research. All the approaches are ‘fast response’: Indonesia moved hastily to use pre-existing social media for teaching at a distance in the COVID era; Canadian students experiencing OEP were supported to continually improve; US and Canadian academics had their research thinking explicitly facilitated, in order to deal with emergent disciplinary and interdisciplinary issues as well as enabling student research; Australian pre-service teachers learned to respond quickly to problems and issues of concern through Action Research. These approaches were informed by the Research Skill Development (RSD) framework, which will be introduced briefly at the beginning of the symposium and provides a conceptual glue to join each presentation to the others.

The symposium highlights how scholars from four countries have come together to share their perspectives in working with a range of stakeholder groups and how this is contributing to their collaborative efforts in elevating the development of research skills. The overarching message is significant for AARE delegates; fast response to crisis situations need to be prepared for in advance, but not by anticipating what will eventuate. Rather, preparation for adaptation is done by empowering students, teachers and academics with the research skills that will keep them current and tuned to pertinent innovative practice while being discerning and tentative, willing and able to evaluate and change as they proceed.

The presentation titles, presenters and powerpoints follow:

12 noon A brief introduction to the RSD- John Willison, University of Adelaide

Social media-based Learning to improve pre-service teachers’ research skills

Raissa Mataniari, Jambi University, Indonesia

Open Educational Practices (OEP) for Research Skill Development in a Graduate Program

Barbara Brown, Michele Jacobsen, Christie Hurrell, Nicole Neutzling, Mia Travers-Hayward, Verena Roberts, Uni of Calgary

Strategies and Solutions using the Research Skill Development Framework to promote campus-wide research-oriented teaching and cultural shifts

Kara Loy, Uni of Calgary, SylviaTiala, Uni of Wisconsin, Stout, Merle Massie, Uni of Saskatchewan

Pre-service Teacher Action Research Skill Development

John Willison, Ainsley Painter, University of Adelaide