The RSD Framework, Research Capabilities and Research Competencies

Post by Dr Keith Morrison, The University of the South Pacific

I am interested in critically exploring the potential linkages that can be developed between the highest levels of the RSD framework developed by Willison & O’Regan (2008) and the distinction between research competences and capabilities developed by Scott, Coates & Anderson (2008). Continue reading “The RSD Framework, Research Capabilities and Research Competencies”

RSD, Infectious Disease, and Biomimicry

Hi Everyone!

The RSD Framework ( is an easy sell to people who already embrace research and who are interested in “best” pedagogical practices. I see a lot of publications regarding how the RSD was implemented in across disciplines and in a variety of settings.  However, I am interested in the process as well as the products.  How does one move beyond “early adopters” with new ideas and technologies?  I am beginning to reach out to K-12 institutions and try to convince them to try working with the RSD.  I wrestled with the “best” way to do this.  There is anecdotal evidence about what is working.  Here goes: Continue reading “RSD, Infectious Disease, and Biomimicry”