Authentic Assessment for skill development and content learning

A forum hosted by Monash University Malaysia

26 February, 2021

Q1 What makes an assessment ‘Authentic’?

1st Breakout room activity

Introduce yourselves: including interest in Authentic Assessment

Topic: How could you use MELT to help forge Authentic Assessment with colleagues and the curriculum?

Discuss one context for each person where authentic assessment needs to be introduced?

Choose one context to discuss in detail and report on.

  • which course or context? 
  • which assessment task(s)?
  • what will make the assessment authentic?
  • could MELT frame the assessment marking criteria?
  • which colleagues will you involve in developing the assessment?

Summarise the above in one entry in Padlet:

Password: Authentic

Please indicate your group’s breakout room number in your padlet response.

2nd Breakout room activity (if needed)

Questions for the Q&A session

  • questions of clarification
  • questions of possibilities
  • comments and critiques

University of Calgary: Research and Experiential Learning

Research and Experiential Learning, University of Calgary


Some useful links:

The MELT website

The MELT book:

Answer Garden:

Interactive Session A

In your breakout of 4 or 5:

  • Find out one Research or Experiential Learning focus of each person.
  • Choose the 2 most diverse contexts.
  • What would the name of the 2 MELT be for these contexts?
    • E.g. Volunteering Skills, Critical Thinking, etc.
  • Explore ways that MELT could be adapted to focus students on the overlaps and connections of thinking skills in these experiences.
  • Summarise the above in one entry:
  • 10 minutes and then breakouts automatically return

Interactive Session A

Same people in breakout room

  • Focus on Feedback for improvement
    • Coursework- formative or summative?
    • Extra-curricular- informal or formal?
    • Mechanisms for feedback based on your MELT?
    • Self-assessment
    • Peer-assessment
    • Employer assessment
    • Your assessment
  • How and why will students respond to feedback so they improve
  • Summarise your discussion in padlet

Feel free to share any thoughts on this session

Thanks for your involvement