Connecting the Library to the Curriculum

Transformative Approaches that Enhance Skills for Learning

Library, Learning advisor and Academic colleagues from Monash University and Latrobe University have just published ground-breaking work through Springer on long-lived collaborations that connect the library to the curriculum.

The Monash University Chapters draw on the Research Skill Development framework and Latrobe University Chapters use Constructive Alignment as their conceptual framing.

Two of the Chapters are Open Access

Chapter 2: The Pedagogical Frameworks Adopted by Monash University Library: Lynette Torres, Barbara Yazbeck

Concluding Chapter: Transforming Practice for Educational Impact: Lynette Torres, Fiona Salisbury, Barbara Yazbeck, Sharon Karasmanis, Janice Pinder, Caroline Ondracek

The foreword by Emeritus Professor Sharon Weiner, who held the inaugural Chair of Information Literacy at Purdue University, is also open access and shows the importance of the book for university learning that involves all the colleagues in the enterprise.