Mick Healey will give a keynote at I-MELT, December 2017

Emeritus Professor Mick Healey will be giving a Keynote address at I-MELT– the International Conference on Engaged Learning and Teaching. Mick has a strong research interest in Engaging Students as partners, including in all forms of undergraduate research and inquiry.

I-MELT will provide an opportunity for academic, professional and sessional staff and students to share a conceptualisation in common around contemporary issues facing teaching and learning. The concept in common will be the inter-related Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching, including:

  • The Research Skill Development framework (RSD)
  • The Work Skill Development framework (WSD)
  • The Clinical Reflection Skills Framework (CRS)
  • The Optimising Problem Solving pentagon (OPS)
  • The Critical Thinking pentagon (CT)
  • The Researcher Development framework (RSD7)
  • and Research Mountain (for Early Childhood)

The conference runs 4-6 December 2017. Details, including themes and other key dates are at www.i-melt.edu.au

Hope you can make it



On behalf of the I-MELT Organising Committee

RSD Masterclass on Engaged Learning and Teaching (MELT)

For those colleagues who are attending the Monash University RSD MELT, please share with us your experiences related to the following questions, in advance of the workshop:

  1. What is your favourite way of introducing RSD facets? Why this way?
  2. Have you introduced ‘autonomy’ of the RSD framework to any audience?  If so, how did you do this? If not, maybe give us an idea of whether it was not relevant, not possible, or something else.
  3. Have you had any surprises in your use of the RSD?

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I look forward to seeing you on the 24th!

John W


A metaphoric framework: a basis of the RSD

The Research Skill Development (www.rsd.edu.au) framework is underpinned by a three metaphors that comprise a metaphoric framework.

The attached powerpoint A metaphoric framework for analysis gives a very brief overview of the metaphoric framework. If you attended the session on ‘Why use a metaphoric framework for analysis?‘ you might answer this question in the comment field:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of a metaphorical framework in your research context?