The Scholarship of Learning and Teaching

Here is the powerpoint for this session

For the TAFE SA colleagues (and anyone else interested)

  1. Scholarship is…

a. Write 1 or 2 words to give a positive vibe for what ‘scholarship’ is about.

b. Write 1 or 2 words to give a negative vibe for what ‘scholarship’ is about.

Two Minutes… go


2. Strategies in your breakout group(s):

-Each person discuss the single most helpful strategy/event/thing/person that has led to improvements in your teaching.

-Say why

Record the above into ‘Leave a reply’ on this blog

-10 minutes then back together

  • be ready to voice-in about your thoughts.

Author: johnwillison

Senior Lecturer, School of Education, University of Adelaide. Director, Bachelor of Teaching (Middle) Acting Associate Head of Research

2 thoughts on “The Scholarship of Learning and Teaching”

  1. Thanks for your time at our TafeSA Sessions John, thought provoking and great material for reflection over the break.


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