Alloying content acquisition and active learning: the MELT

Model for Engaged Learning and Teaching
Model for Engaged Learning and Teaching (click for full size)


One critique in the literature about the Research Skill Development (RSD) framework is that it does not explicitly include content. Recently, I trialled about 5 versions of the RSD with content-knowledge included. But no-one found it very satisfactory (eg “I had an alergic reaction to this”). So this content connection won’t go into the RSD. But I wondered if those who are more research-learning savvy don’t need the connection with content spelled out, but maybe those new to teaching (in Schools or Universities) do?

So, attached is MELT- a draft of the Model of Engaged Learning and Teaching for your comments. The first column- after the RSD facets of research- is titled ‘Acquiring knowledge’. Is this columnĀ  helpful or appropriate on a framework for active learning?

With who/where/when do you think this ‘sister framework’ of the RSD could be useful? Do you have suggestions to improve it? Leave a comment below.