Your students and their Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching (MELT)

VetEd 2021 Conference

Keynote PDF: The Evolution and Sustained Implementation of a Student-led Model of Engaged Learning and Teaching 

Also, a pre-recorded and short version of the keynote

Pre-conference Workshop:Your students and their Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching

Colleagues attended the pre-conference workshop, Wednesday 7 July which connected to the theme of ‘students as partners’, and used a process similar to that used with students engaging with MELT.

Below you will find the PDF version of the workshop powerpoint and the activity with links to urls that I asked the audience to contribute to.

Most importantly there is a version of MELT called ‘Basic Skills for Laboratory Practice’ that Alison Reid and colleagues made during the workshop and that Alison kindly agreed to share.

Below are the Breakout room activities and resource:

Breakout 1: 10 minutes

•Your name • institution • teaching area •

why are you interested in topic of SaP? •What are the potential benefits of SaP?

Single or hyphenated words (<20 characters)

Braindump- many ideas


Adapt the RSD: Rephrase ‘embark and clarify’ for a specific unit/context: use one verb at a time (hit enter) •Go to •1 minute


Breakout 2 (20 minutes)

•Choose a specific course/topic/unit/year level from one member of the group

•Title of your MELT (emblematic of the skills you are developing) •

Make changes to each facet if necessary (use the core questions to guide you) •Be ready to share screen with modifications pre-highlighted

The word version is below


Breakout 3 (20 minutes): How will you get students to be involved in the implementation?

•Please compile your group’s ideas in the comments section of this blog.

‘leave a comment’ or ‘reply’  (but requires your email address)

  • or type into the word doc


Consider emailing me one or more MELT adaptations, including your name/s, institutions.

I’d put into the blog content as ‘rough first drafts’ for others who could not attend the workshop to see.

The Scholarship of Learning and Teaching

Here is the powerpoint for this session

For the TAFE SA colleagues (and anyone else interested)

  1. Scholarship is…

a. Write 1 or 2 words to give a positive vibe for what ‘scholarship’ is about.

b. Write 1 or 2 words to give a negative vibe for what ‘scholarship’ is about.

Two Minutes… go


2. Strategies in your breakout group(s):

-Each person discuss the single most helpful strategy/event/thing/person that has led to improvements in your teaching.

-Say why

Record the above into ‘Leave a reply’ on this blog

-10 minutes then back together

  • be ready to voice-in about your thoughts.