Authentic Assessment for skill development and content learning

A forum hosted by Monash University Malaysia

26 February, 2021

Q1 What makes an assessment ‘Authentic’?

1st Breakout room activity

Introduce yourselves: including interest in Authentic Assessment

Topic: How could you use MELT to help forge Authentic Assessment with colleagues and the curriculum?

Discuss one context for each person where authentic assessment needs to be introduced?

Choose one context to discuss in detail and report on.

  • which course or context? 
  • which assessment task(s)?
  • what will make the assessment authentic?
  • could MELT frame the assessment marking criteria?
  • which colleagues will you involve in developing the assessment?

Summarise the above in one entry in Padlet:

Password: Authentic

Please indicate your group’s breakout room number in your padlet response.

2nd Breakout room activity (if needed)

Questions for the Q&A session

  • questions of clarification
  • questions of possibilities
  • comments and critiques

Author: johnwillison

Senior Lecturer, School of Education, University of Adelaide. Director, Bachelor of Teaching (Middle) Acting Associate Head of Research

6 thoughts on “Authentic Assessment for skill development and content learning”

  1. Many thanks for having me today. It was such a great experience to exchange ideas and listen to different perspectives and applications of MELT and Authentic Assessment within the breakout rooms. I particularly love learning that we have participants who have been advocating and practicing AA for decades and are still learning and striving to improve on their practices. It inspires me to try even harder! Thank you again to the organizers!


    1. Your contribution as Learning Designer, with Lyn as Librarian and Thaatch as Academic/course coordinator was powerful and provocative. People were really thinking hard about the potential of the collaboration, as shown by the questions and discussion.


  2. Thank you to all the participants who joined us today, making it a lively and interactive event. Thanks to the speakers Dr. John Willison, Lyn Torres and Esmael Yahya for giving a fresh perspective on authentic assessment.


  3. Overall, it was a great session and I enjoyed your sharing of how you handled a messy assessment that you inherited and worked through it using MELT. I also liked how you started by getting everyone to define what their understanding of authentic was. We could definitely do with more sessions like this! Thanks John.


  4. John, Lyn, and Esmael, thank you for your insights on Authentic Assessment. We are happy that as many as 85 university staff from Malaysia and Australia participated in this conference, exceeding our expectations. I am sure everyone benefited from your sharing. 😉


    1. It was a good crowd Sharon- people were contributing great ideas in the word cloud and the breakout groups/reporting back. Lots to think about. Thanks to you and the team at Monash Uni Malaysia for hosting! All the best with designing and implementing authentic assessments in which students learn, gain valuable feedback and grow from the experience.


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